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I wrote earlier about hypoglycemia. Now let’s talk about the other extreme: hyperglycemia. And how can this challenge be handled.

“But, Doctor, I’m fine, even though you say the sugars are rising.” I actually feel very rude when I’m in the normal range. Glucofix reviews So this has to be normal for my body. “

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement or the appearance of it. Undoubtedly, one of the things I emphasize to all my patients is maintaining sugar levels within the target range.

What is Glucofix ?

According to the American Diabetes Association, the target blood fasting blood glucose level should be between 70-130 mg / dL (3.9-7.2 mmol / L). It should be below 180 mg / dl (10 mmol / L) after a meal.

Some people with type 2 diabetes begin to behave as if they have hypoglycemia in the target range. Glucofix tablets In other words, their body causes them malaise with all the symptoms of hypoglycemia. They eat to counteract the feelings. And their blood sugar levels exceed the target range.

Eventually, this leads to poorly controlled diabetes. If blood sugar levels remain outside the target range, this can lead to complications.

So why do some diabetic people feel “sick” when their sugar is really in the target sugar range?

Glucofix reviews,
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What is inside Glucofix ?

Everyone has a so-called thermostat. Glucofix ingredients This thermostat is set to an interval for all people.

For example, as you can see, normal fasting sugar levels in diabetics are between 70 and 99 mg / dl. So as long as your sugar level is in this range, this is normal.

This set level is called homeostasis. Everyone has a certain level at which their body system works.

When type 2 diabetes occurs, one of the first things that happens is that the body tries to reset the thermostat. Glucofix supplement In order to continue to operate at a normal level. Instead of running with a blood sugar level between 70-99 mg / dl, the body tries to work with a higher blood sugar level.

When symptoms of diabetes appear, blood sugar levels are usually well above 180 mg / dl.

How does Glucofix works?

Therefore, early diabetes screening is important.

So now I have a “reset thermostat”. Think of it as an air conditioning system. If the thermostat is set to 73 degrees, the system will only turn on when the temperature rises above 73 degrees. Then it cools the room until it drops below 73 degrees and then turns off.

In a diabetic, the “blood sugar thermostat” has been set to a higher level. Say over 180 mg / dl.

Now comes an ambitious healthcare worker. Our goal is to reach your blood sugar level by the target range. Glucofix supplement reviews Because we know from research that when we reach this goal, the complications of diabetes are reduced.

Benefits of Glucofix

However, when blood sugar levels begin to drop during treatment, the body sends warning signals. Glucofix amazon These warning signs feel the same as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a very scary feeling for a type 2 diabetic. Once experienced, most diabetics usually do everything they can to avoid trying again.

So how do you get your blood sugar to your target range without feeling unwell?

Here are some tips you can discuss with your doctor. Remember that open communication leads to better results.

If you experience this problem, Glucofix side effects be sure to consult your doctor.

Glucofix reviews,
 side effects.

Ingredients in Glucofix

Discuss the possibility of a slow reduction in sugars. Thus, their “thermostat” slowly resets without sending alarm signals.

If you feel that your blood sugar is falling, check your level before eating. Most of the time, blood levels are still out of range.

Don’t miss a meal. Try to eat smaller, more frequent meals.

Remember that the goal is to maintain blood sugar levels within the target range. To do this, you need to demand your health. Glucofix advanced And also that he is willing to ask questions.

Pros of Glucofix

When your doctor diagnosed you with diabetes, did you issue a detective badge at the scene, or did you arrive in the mail a few days later? Oh, there’s not much difference in either direction, as long as you start wearing it right after you get it.

By the way, do you think diabetics should wear their badges constantly or for only two to three minutes after eating? I think you have to trust the man to see what works best for him.

If you don’t know this yet and don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Glucofix australia You definitely need to know this if no one has told you yet.

Cons of Glucofix

Let me test your current level of knowledge and suppose we build on that. Have you ever seen police or criminal shows on TV? Of course there are, probably hundreds. Glucofix pills It seems to me that they all start pretty much the same way.

This is how the scene opens. A cell phone rings, a shirtless man or a sparsely dressed woman wakes up from her sleep, walks over to the bedside table, turns on the lamp, and picks up the phone. Glucofix tech You only hear one-sided conversation.

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The next scene: an approaching siren, flashing lights, and the stop sound of an unmarked car. (It’s obviously dark outside, it’s three in the morning.) A partial view of the crowd around something, usually a dead man, also commonly referred to as a victim. Glucofix weight loss You hear a door slam and see steps enter the photo. The camera pops up. See Sanders, now in a kind of long coat with a steaming styrofoam cup in his left hand.

An officer in uniform arrives. Sanders is talking.

– Hey Johnson, what did we get?

The uniformed policeman reads the notes from his tiny notebook. “A thirty-forty-year-old white man was found dead, face down the street this morning around 1:15, next to this lady, Joan Doe, as he walked with Doberman.”

“Everything else?” Sanders asks.

“Well, some witnesses say the dog walked him,” Johnson says specifically.

Sanders turned his attention to the little woman. “How did you know the man was dead?”

“There was a chalk line Glucofix ketone around his body,” he replies.

So you ask, what has all this got to do with diabetes?

Does anyone sound familiar? I think almost every police show that’s ever been written starts with murder.

Price Of Glucofix

So what? A detective appears on the scene, asks a lot of people questions, searches for clues, evidence, anything that can help the detective solve the crime, and then just before the end of the show, about 6 or 7 minutes, the detective has enough information to solve the murder. Glucofix price So again, what has this got to do with you, the detective badge, and diabetes?

You can test your blood sugar at any time, and not what it “should be” is either too high or too low, a crime has been committed. What is a crime? Out of range blood sugar levels?

Either too high or too low is dangerous. Glucofix premium Low points are dangerous now, and high levels will cause serious problems in the future. In both cases, the cause of the altitude and low point must be determined.

I told patients and stressed to them many times that if you check your blood sugar, you find it too high and you answer “Wow, this is a high blood sugar”, take the meter and then move on to your business there is no point in testing your blood sugar.


Conversely, if every time you get a reading that is too high or too low in a figurative sense, you hang your depressing badge on your shirt and start looking for clues as to what caused the high or low, it’s worth something that can lead to better diabetes treatment. I tell patients that they have to accept the detective role on the day they develop diabetes.

Suppose you lower your blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast on Monday morning; you just accounted for the work, 227mg / dl. Hmm, not so good. Turn your job ID back, to the side where the detective badge image is pasted. That’s right, in the next few minutes, it’s not Jim, the software engineer, but Detective Jim. Let’s start.

First, he asks himself very direct questions in the best Rod Serling voice he can record, albeit in a restrained tone. You don’t want people in the next office to hear it.

“So now we know why it was high after breakfast, because it was already high before breakfast. Now the test department needs to turn to why the blood sugar was high before breakfast.”

Some of our friends have been in town we haven’t seen in about 15 years since we moved from Seattle to Tampa, so we can be close to my daughter, Madeline, who is almost 27 years old and married with 4 lovely children, ages 2-7. These are the cutest things and I tend to ruin them. We went out to dinner with them and I think we ate too much. “

Turn the badge over and let Jim be the software engineer again.

It is possible that more than half of the time, probably three-quarters of the time, the patient’s blood sugar level will be higher than they need to be, or if the patient is playing the game. ‘Detective for a few minutes and looking for clues that cause high or low, they will be able to find out.

Once that’s done, the patient can say, “After playing with a detective with my blood sugar readings for about a month, I noticed that about 80% of my high blood sugar levels were apparently the result of too much dinner. and HbA1C.

Glucofix reviews tablets ingredients supplement supplement reviews amazon side effects advanced australia pills tech weight loss ketone price premium.

Glucofix reviews,
 side effects.

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